About Us

Warren is proud to continue to serve individuals, commercial companies, and municipalities with all of their spreader, dump body, and other specialized truck equipment needs. Warren manufactures a full line of dump truck bodies, spreaders and trailers.

Our company excels to provide quality products for your agricultural, construction, governmental, and transportation needs. The professional employees at Warren make sure we maintain high standards to keep our customers happy.

Warren Family Companies:

Warren Equipment, Inc. was established in August of 2001 in Plant City, FL from the assets of HarDee Manufacturing, Inc. which were bought out of bankruptcy. We manufacture framless and quarter frame aluminium and steel dump trailers as well as E-Z Ride Suspensions. We also sell, service, and install all models of Warren dumps, spreaders, and hydraulic fifth wheels.

Warren, Inc. was established in January, 1993, in Collins, MS. We manufacture steel, stainless, and aluminum dump and spreader bodies, a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders and hoists, as well as many other specialty bodies.

We offer a diverse product line of spreaders including: sand or salt ice control spreaders, lime and fertilizer spreaders, litter spreaders, and cross conveyor spreaders. Warren spreaders are available in various sizes to help you find a product that meets your needs.  www.spreaders.com

Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc. was formed in 1993 as Bama Bodies, Inc., in Birmingham, AL. We handle Stahl and Rawson–Koenig service bodies and cranes, lift gates, vans, E-Z Ride suspensions and most general truck equipment along with the Warren dumps, spreaders, and elevating fifth wheels.

Warren Truck Equipment, Inc. was formed in August, 2001, in Columbia, S.C. from assets of the former Twin States Truck Equipment, Inc. As well as all the Warren products, we distribute a full line of truck equipment including the Stahl line of service bodies and cranes, various lift gates, tarp systems, bed liners, and many other types of truck equipment.

Warren Truck & Trailer, LLC. was established December 31, 2002, with the purchase of certain assets from SEI (Stovall Equipment, Inc). We manufacture all pup trailers here along with a true “half round” demolition body and pup trailer. We also manufacture the complete line of Warren elevating fifth wheels here. All of the Warren products are stocked and distributed here in Talco, TX. We sell tarp systems, bed liners, full pup “riggings”, and other truck equipment as well.